Dual Purpose Sofa Folding Bed


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Loading Capacity : Can bear 500kg above

Material : PU Leather or Linen Cloth

PU Color : Brown, Black, White, Navy Blue
Linen Cloth : Light Grey, Sky Blue, Yellow, Dark Grey, Green

Size of Sofa :1500mm (L) x 880mm (W) x 900mm (H)

Advantages :
1. For the classic, cozy home, fit for most sofa at home, suitable for any places.
2. Does not fade, does not easily unstitched, fine stitching.
3. High-quality fabrics are soft and comfortable, have good breathability, strong moisture absorption.
4. Strong load-bearing upgrade, powerful steel frame.
5. Comfortable tilt with 3 locking adjustment positions for setting chair bed to preferred angle.
6. Preference comfortable, soft, durable and easy to maintain cotton fabric that age grace fully.
7. Strong sofa leg that can sustain big weight and long usage life.
8. The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be washed.



Material and Color

PU Leather, Brown, PU Leather, Black, PU Leather, White, PU Leather, Navy Blue, Linen Cloth, Light Grey, Linen Cloth, Sky Blue, Linen Cloth, Yellow, Linen Cloth, Dark Grey, Linen Cloth, Green

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